The Quirks and Benefits of Modern Tech: Waking up with AI – From Internet-connected toasters to smart alarms

AI Tools! Like that friend you always have who has the latest gadgets and tells you it will change your life. You can sometimes see that they are right and wonder how you ever lived without the gadget. Sometimes it is just something that takes up room in your drawer. Let’s take a look at this salad of tech and find out what we should keep. Visit our website and learn more about ai tools.

The first thing to note is that waking up just got a lot easier – or more irritating, depending on your preference for sleep. The smart alarms will wake you up at “optimal time”. Sometimes I believe they enjoy the thrill of pulling us out of our dreams.

Now, coffee. AI is at its best when it comes to making the perfect morning cup of coffee. You smart coffee machine probably knows more than you do about how much caffeine your body needs. If it refuses to brew coffee because it believes you have had enough, then that is a code line I would never write.

We must talk about work, because we have to. Our business is being taken over by project management software, which predicts deadlines and spots problems before they occur. Handy? Absolutely. You’re right. Maybe. You could compare it to a passive-aggressive crystal ball that sent out reminders of your tasks.

AI hasn’t left the creatives out either. Color schemes are suggested by designers faster than they can say, “millennial pink.” Writers? Writers?

With great power, comes great responsibility — and a lot of ethical issues. As we rely more on these tools we will need to talk more about the privacy issues and biases that they bring. You’d be surprised to learn that the genie who grants all of your wishes actually reads your journal in order to determine what you desire.

AI is also being used to improve education. Personalized learning paths sound good until you recall how bad you were at math. But anything that helps make learning more personalized is worth a thumbs-up.

The healthcare industry is also a big winner. Diagnostic tools can detect problems faster now than they ever have before. This is great news for all, except perhaps hypochondriacs.

What about entertainment? The streaming services already know what movies you like to watch. This is both fantastic and unnerving when they start suggesting documentaries that are based on the weird film you saw at 3AM last Tuesday.

AI is transforming our world in many ways, both big and small. Most of the time for better. But sometimes it leaves us wondering or worried about Skynet-type scenarios. It’s important to distinguish between innovations that actually make our lives easier and those which are only there for show.

Keep in mind that just because something can be automated, doesn’t necessarily mean it should (looking at your internet-connected toaster). Keep our technology meaningful, and keep the coffee flowing. A digital fairy godmother is waiting to sprinkle high-tech magic onto your project. Keep your eyes open, because we are in for a wild ride.