Melbourne’s Diverse Disability-Service Scene

Let’s be straight about the disability services in Melbourne. Imagine trying your best to find a café in one Melbourne’s quirky alleyways tricare services. All the signs you see are in a foreign tongue. At first, the worlds of disability services may seem confusing.

Melbourne has many services available for people with special needs. You can choose between koalas therapy or koalas. Yes, koalas! Why not! I don’t know what will brighten you day more than cuddling with an adorable marsupial.

It’s not just a cool word. This is the real deal. Some programs make you feel like they are custom-made. Everyone will find something they enjoy, whether they’re proud to be part of the Indigenous Community or proudly flying their rainbow flag.

Don’t let your wheelchair hold you back from being the next sporting sensation. Have you heard about wheelchair football? It’s similar to bumper cars combined with rugby. It’s awesome. Also, there are surfing schools where you can learn how to surf sitting. Pretty rad if you ask me.

Mental health does not fall behind. It’s not boring therapy but rather painting or smashing your drums. This is akin to letting go of your inner kid with crayons. However, it helps you tidy up upstairs.

Melbourne is known as a technologically-savvy city. Apps make it easier for people who have visual impairments than Google Maps to navigate around the city. What about the prosthetics? Sci-fi gadgets that give people their freedom back, one bionic leg at atime.

The problem is that it can be just as hard to find your perfect fit as it would be to find a single needle in a sea of haystacks. You can use your local community and online forums to find the perfect fit for you.

The advice is straightforward and unadorned.

Also, let’s not forget the unsung warriors who quietly battle to ensure that every person has a chance at a good life. Advocacy organisations work hard so that voices can be heard and changes made. They offer workshops for people to gain knowledge and self-confidence, or promote more inclusive policies.

Melbourne’s disability-services scene can seem overwhelming. Once you get to know the services available, you may be surprised. It’s a bit like finding an obscure street art work in an alleyway that you have walked past a hundred times.

Remind yourself to do things one at a time. Ask for or offer help when necessary. What would life be without some adventure?

Melbourne will be a great place to explore. You might be shocked at the surprises it holds for you.