How To Select A Leather Vest For A Motorcycle That Shouts

Let’s just get started and pick a leather vest, which says “I ride motorbikes” but also whispers to you “I experience the experience.” Listen to the guides who keep on going around in circles. Let’s not waste time with unnecessary information a shipwreck in the sand.

First, quality is key. You should know that not all leather vests have the exact same quality. The leather that is most durable is cowhide, which can practically stand on its own. However, there are also buttery soft lambskins. These feel just like a second skin. It depends on your intended use and what you enjoy. Keep in mind that fine leather will age just like fine wine, and will only get better as you use it.

Let’s start with the workmanship. It is not important to look for a vest that is well-stitched. You want a vest to have character. Maybe even a hint of sass. It’s important to have pockets that are large enough for keys. What if laces and straps were adjustable? Chef’s kiss! This is a great way to enjoy road trip food without feeling like your stomach is being squeezed.

You can express your weird side through design. Try the classic black or choose something that will help you stand out, such as a flamingo attending a penguins’ party. It’s a great way to express yourself, without even having to speak a word. It’s important to remember that less is usually more.

Why is versatility not a good word? If you want it to fit you, you should have no problem dancing or riding down backroads. (But you might need to remove those skull patch). Consider features like removable liners to avoid melting in summer and freezing during winter.

If you want to get the best leather vest possible, you have to consider your personality and how you ride or walk on this crazy planet.

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