Breastfeeding Breast Augmentation Surgery

Pregnancy wrecks havoc with a women’s body It’s not unusual for women to stretch out of shape during pregnancy. Unfortunately, certain parts of the torso are harder hit than others. Breasts pose a serious problem for many pregnant and post-natal women. Although our skin contains elements that increase elasticity, the growth necessary for women to breastfeed is usually beyond natural repair.

Breastfeeding comes with large cup sizes for many women. Suddenly, bras and tops appear better. Men tend to notice this change and can enjoy their new toys. A woman’s breasts will grow rapidly when she has a baby and is fed a lot of milk. The opposite is true, too. Once breastfeeding has finished, the milk-ducts will be empty. That may leave a great deal of empty space on the skin. Many women are concerned that their breasts will lose the fight against gravity, and they no longer appear as attractive as before. Many women will opt for breast augmentation in order to restore their pre-pregnancy figures and possibly even get breasts the size they had when breastfeeding.

The biggest concern of women seeking breast augmentation surgery, however, is whether they can breastfeed current or future babies. Consequently, some women prefer to wait for their children to be grown up before opting for this procedure. While some women choose to wait for their augmentations, others are not interested in waiting. If you’re wondering if breastfeeding will be possible after your cosmetic surgery is a “maybe”. There are several different types of breast augmentations and healing reactions, so your plastic doctor may not be capable of guaranteeing that you will successfully breastfeed while implants are in place.

The location of an incision will determine if breastfeeding is difficult. Breast-feeding is unlikely to be affected by incisions that are made under the breast or at the axilla. It is not surprising that one of breast augmentation’s most popular incisions occurs around the areola. It allows for a concealed healing without any visible scars. This location may compromise the milk-ducts and nerve endings, which can make it impossible for women to breastfeed. It’s important that you talk to your plastic surgery before the implant procedure about whether you want to breastfeed afterward.

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